Modern Retreat Dwellings Traditionally Crafted

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At hut we're interested in creating healthy spaces that delight. We believe that our built environment, if thoughtfully considered, has a positive impact on the way we feel. Our aim is to foster happiness, not only within you, but also within those with whom you share your life.

We employ our extensive knowledge of traditional Japanese design systems to ensure that proportion and scale enhance the quality of space. In concert with this visual repose is the harmonious arrangement of carefully crafted constructs in wood, steel, earth and stone. We manifest our knowledge of traditional Japanese joinery to uniquely express the structural integrity of wood while collaborating with artisans such as blacksmiths, masons, plasterers, painters, sculptors, furniture makers and textile designers.

If you are interested in dwelling in a captivating retreat and share our enthusiasm for innovation, beauty and love for natural materials, don't hesitate to give us a call.  We are ready to engage you in a meaningful discussion about materializing your ideal hut anywhere on this big blue planet.


hut employs traditional Japanese design systems in tandem with Scandinavian minimalism to create beautiful prefabricated minimal-footprint retreat dwellings to foster happiness within you and those you share your life with.


When Timon began forming an interest in timber frame structures early on as an architecture student, his research steered him to the Japanese tradition of wood joinery. He discovered that the same methodology and precision were used universally, that is to say, a cabinet carried the same DNA as an entire building. The resulting epiphany was that a house can be created as a large cabinet using a similar attitude toward craftsmanship.

The relationship between two or more pieces of wood performing a specific structural duty results in a particular joint, both functional and beautiful. Some of these juxtapositions are seen while many are obscured within. Regardless, it is understood that the structure has no equal in regards to its purity of construction. This is our passion.

When you own a house designed and fabricated by Hut Inc. you own a structure that will bring a sense of pride knowing it is timeless and uniquely alluring.





Founded by Timon Phillips in 2015 and now based out of San Luis Obispo, hut inc. is the first design / build studio to employ traditional Japanese design systems paired with Scandinavian modern minimalist design language to create small, quality-driven unique dwellings.

Influenced by his nomadic upbringing and early adulthood, Timon is adept at creating sanctuaries to provide a safe nest in which to retreat from a constantly moving world, transforming raw materials into sacred spaces. While receiving his Bachelor of Architecture from the Rhode Island School of Design, Timon spent time studying architecture at Helsinki University of Technology in Finland refining his dedication to minimalism and efficiency of design. 

Continuing his itinerant life and always traveling light Timon worked as a designer, draftsman and fabricator at a Massachusetts architecture firm and then turned westward to land in Nevada City, California at East Wind (Higashi Kaze) Inc. Here he spent the next five years as an apprentice with the renowned Len Brackett. Brackett, a disciple of traditional temple and tea house carpentry, studied for nearly a decade at Daitoku-ji Temple in Kyoto before setting up shop in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Upon joining East Wind, Timon embraced Brackett’s training in this ancient art of pure structure.

Today, Timon leads hut in both custom work and the design and creation of the rööm modular system (more soon on rööm - check back with us), inspired and beautiful prefabricated minimal-footprint retreat dwellings.