modern dwellings traditionally crafted

at hut we're interested in creating healthy spaces that delight. We believe that our built environment, if thoughtfully considered, has a positive impact on the way we feel. Our aim is to foster happiness, not only within you, but also within those with whom you share your life.

we employ our extensive knowledge of traditional Japanese design systems to ensure that proportion and scale enhance the quality of space.  In concert with this visual repose is the harmonious arrangement of carefully crafted constructs in wood, steel, earth and stone. We manifest our knowledge of traditional Japanese joinery to uniquely express the structural integrity of wood while collaborating with artisans such as blacksmiths, masons, plasterers, painters, sculptors, furniture makers and textile designers.

we entwine these skills with a modern sensibility, free to absorb the unique qualities inherent to the building site such as; solar orientation,  annual wind patterns, lunar path, geological features, vernacular typology and particularly pleasing vantage points to list a few. Conversely, we consider ways to diminish negative impacts such as noise, unsightly view-sheds or challenging neighbors. The form of the building is the culmination of these particular events to display the true nature of its geographical setting. 

importantly, infrastructure required to manage water and energy requirements ought to adhere to conservation and environmental protection practices. We are staunch protectors of the environment and manage our construction impact by minimizing waste and treating the land with the utmost respect. We advise the use of sustainably manufactured products and those that are chemically inert.

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if you are interested in dwelling in a captivating retreat and share our enthusiasm for innovation, beauty and material expression, don't hesitate to give us a call.  We are ready to engage you in a meaningful discussion about materializing your ideal hut anywhere on this big blue planet.